Sunday, September 19, 2010

Class Exercise

The long awaited class exercise! These were the class drawings for the mass study 2 now extinct.

RO's Image - cool idea to make the lattice into a bridge like structure, that would help with some of the circulation issue in the building, however, I forgot to mention the are only 2m square so the scale is a bit out...
JO's image - shows how the lattice shape could interact with the people, exit shoots, picture hanging and observatories! good job!
RO's image - an excellent idea to insert a hanging gallery exhibition space, I really liked the inclusion of a solid base level, this really accentuates the sense of hanging.
ROZ Image - connection joint detailing, these ideas pretty much sum up out two options either create a node custom connection were standard member attach or randomly connect as required. We went for option two.
LUCY's Image - Trust you to make a GYM.. :) cool idea! creative with the pole and i really liked the stair detail! good job.
JACKEY's Image - uP sIdE DoWn, Up SiDe dOwN, but the idea of the grand stairs is a great entrance idea.
RUSSELL's Image - Detailing of the lattice and connections, looking great but probably a bit of a large task for a 10 minute exercise, its a complex one! loving the industrial look though, very interesting and intricate connection details!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Barangaroo Update

There is an informative video on the Barangaroo South website that shows the amendments to the previous proposed works, with some decent 3D flyarounds and views of the promenade with some computer generated people wandering around. Please check the link above to locate it.

Revised Barangaroo Precinct showing Public Domain Plan

Barangaroo South Site Plan

This is the closest we've come to identifying a site plan of the proposed precinct. Ideally, we could locate sections and elevations of the proposed buildings, to compare heights and spaces with our own proposal. The development amendments are not currently open for exhibition on the Department of Planning website.

Below are some links to shadow studies of the proposed works. They are beautifully executed on white 3D models. Well worth a look!

Esquisse 1 - Final Presentation

In preparation for the Esquisse we had to articulate the planning of the building form. For weeks we had been working with the form and perception of the building but this submission gave us the opportunity to make some decisions regarding the planning and programming arrangement.

Ground level deals with the underside of the structure, the plan shows the use of the sense of enclosure, creating a ferry terminal and open green recreational areas serviced by cafes and shops. The external entry stairs provide an opportunity for public presentations in an open forum similar to that of the Opera house being accessible to the everyday tourist.

On the 13th level the viewing deck acts as a central hub in the sky. The area provides access to the restaurant and function room as well as the open bars and recreational spaces that lead to the Hotel/Offices and Gallery. This space, while open to the public has a more exclusive purpose being the destination point of professionals and either informed or rich tourists that may have something more to offer in terms of knowledge, contacts or economic boost.

This story board representation of the renders acts to provide a perception of the building, like Bruce Mau's 'future forward' imaging it drives the intended spirit of the place.

The office spaces share a communal common amenities space. Lifts provide macro access while stairs deal with the micro, connecting the levels in a more local sense and enabling the formation of community within the work place driving the propagation of shared knowledge.

The hotel starting on the 46th floor provides panoramic views over the city, the lounge and gym with pool/spa are the ultimate in luxury providing an exclusive experience to tourists to Sydney city. The hotel rooms while small are in size are extended by the view over the harbor experienced like no where else these rooms are not for those scared of heights.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earlier preparation for Esquisse 2

Once the floor plans and sectional studies were completed in Revit, and the BIM model had developed to a more complex level, it seemed imperative to explore how the building might be expressed in its architectural form on the site, alongside the surrounding buildings and esplanade.

In addition, the roof terrace was growing in significance, the 'sky deck' and edge experience became an architectural element in itself, so it seemed fitting to explore an exceptional event at this high level; the previous reference to 'high fashion' in last semester's work seemed fitting for this terrace. Therefore I developed a fashion catwalk show, complete with supermodels, superb lighitng and paparazzi.
Finally, to explore the predator prey theme that we continued from Semester 1, I felt the entry zone was evoking a dark, complex character, the filtered light and overlaying jagged members, adding to its disturbing presence. It was the fitting environment for the arrival of the lion and the zebras, only I wanted to spice up the metaphor and provide an alternative to last semester's brutal lion victory over the zebra. Instead, I gave the zebra's the safety of numbers, as 'professionals' they are chasing the predatory lion, or 'tourist' (in this case, Hilary Swank) and she is running for her life! The zebra stripes blend to fur, in what I believe is a unique and expressive portrayal of the building's arrival point.

Earlier preparation for Esquisse 1

In preparation for the Esquisse the development of these marketing images helped to formulate in our minds how these spaces might be used in anticipation of our step towards architectural planning and programming of the building.

This space became a vertical gallery, offering the exclusive exhibition experience the the Barangaroo development while taking full advantage of the view.

This image encapsulates the absurdity of the structure, particularly how to treat the spaces that have been engulfed by the lattice structure.

A perception of how the ferry terminal might look and the view of the building that passengers might experience when docking into port.

This image, while abstract provides a perception of how the otherwise narrow spaces will be enlarged by the view extraordinary view out over the harbor.

This image is a play on the concept from semester 1, the Lion/Tourist and the Zebra/Professional relationship becomes the catalysis for the external stairway which work as a performance space.